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Recommendations on all Proposed Subdivisions

The CCD is mandated by Wyoming Statute 18-5-306, to give recommendations on all proposed subdivisions. Recommendations are based on soil types found on the property and recommendations are regarding soil suitability, erosion control, sedimentation and flooding problems. The CCD does not have the authority to approve or disapprove a subdivision. Completed subdivision soil reviews are provided to the requester and Park County Planning and Zoning.

If you need a Subdivision Soil Review, please download, print and fill out your request form. Mail the completed form to our office or drop it off in person along with a check for $50.00 (we currently only accept checks) made payable to:

Cody Conservation District

1501 Stampede Avenue Suite 2046

Cody Wyoming 82414

To learn more about soils on your property click the USDA Web Soil Survey.

USDA Web Soil Survey
Cody, Wyoming


Soil Testing Kits for Property Owners

The CCD offers soil testing kits for landowners. Stop by the office to pick up a kit or have us come out to help you collect your soil sample.

You can also contact the CSU Soil Testing Lab to get your own kit by clicking below.

Colorado State University Soil Testing Lab

Helpful Articles for interpreting soil test results:

Articles-Colorado State University Soil Testing Lab

Need help interpreting your soil test results? We can help! Contact us via phone, email, or stop by the office and we can schedule a time to go over your soil test results.

Cody, Wyoming


Protect Plants from Severe Weather - Extend Growing Season

Submit weekly or monthly pictures of your high tunnel to show off production in your garden. Submission information should include what you are growing in your garden. Feel free to submit any questions or concerns along with your photos!

Learn about High Tunnels:

USDA High Tunnel System Innitiative

Cody, Wyoming


Windbreaks, Living Snow Fences, Erosion Control

The CCD is selling conservation grade seedling trees. The purpose of this program is to offer seedling trees and shrubs, technical assistance, and information to encourage the establishment of conservation plantings. Conservation plantings include windbreaks, living snow fences, shelterbelts, erosion control, wildlife habitat and more!

If you are interested in ordering seedling trees, please look at our available trees list and fill out the order form. Please make all checks payable to the Cody Conservation District. Order forms and payments must be received prior to us ordering the seedling trees. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Cody, Wyoming

Coming Soon

Future Cost Assistance Programs

The CCD hopes to offer multiple cost assistance programs in the future. Depending on funding, we hope to provide cost sharing options for septic tank remediation, rural well water quality testing, range and water improvements, cover crops, and habitat improvement projects.

Rural Well Testing Cost Share Program

Starting Fall 2021 the CCD will be offering rural well testing to test the quality of drinking water found in your well! This program will pay for 50% of the cost associated with testing. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about this program!

Septic Tank Remediation

Range and Water Improvements

Cover Crops

Habitat Improvements Projects

Cody, Wyoming

Coming Soon

Education Programs

The CCD values connecting and communicating with the community through outreach. The CCD works to provide educational opportunities by participating in public events, hosting classes and workshops, and disseminating educational materials. If you are interested in learning more about District operations or attending an outreach event, check out our calendar below for upcoming public events, classes, and workshops.

Stay up to date on what the CCD has been up to by following us on Facebook and Instagram and reviewing our newsletters (coming soon).

Cody, Wyoming

Protecting Park County Water Resources

E.coli Monitoring

In 2013, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the document E. coli Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Shoshone River Watershed for waters that had been identified as being impaired for E. coli bacteria in the Shoshone River Watershed. The CCD has recently resumed monitoring efforts for E. coli. on Dry Gulch, a waterbody that had been listed in the document as being impaired to determine whether it continues to pose a human health risk. The district is also collecting data on Homesteader/Dry Creek, which is not currently listed but is of interest to the WDEQ.

With community support, the CCD will expand our monitoring efforts to evaluate bacteria loading in other parts of the watershed to protect human health and other designated water uses.

Cody, Wyoming

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